We support WaterAid! You too?

The dream of starting our own business had always a bigger vision that  just earning money to live life. I once stumbled upon an article talking about WaterAid and for some reasons, the fact that there are countries out there where people - kids, pregnant women, babies does not have access to clean water was just inconceivable. I immediately knew that I wanted to be part of the solution.

I knew that I couldn’t do much as an individual but I could for sure do so much more as a company and the challenge was on. We thought of VanBuikema being far beyond a regular company, we imagined it being an empowering vessel especially for people in need. We are a start-up, we cannot help with a lot (yet) but we surely want to help with what we can, and we absolutely believe it will make a difference, and we just hope that you also, would like to be part of the solutions.

Almost half the population of Madagascar still lives without access to clean water, bringing clean water to them takes on an even higher sense of urgency during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Everywhere you look in Madagascar is a sight like no other, 90% of wildlife is found nowhere else on earth. And because my ancestors come mainly from Madagascar, for me it feels personal.


The fourth biggest island in the world is less known for its lack of clean water and decent toilets. The Government has been making plans to reach people with these essentials – but local governments and businesses lack the power or funding to move forward. Meanwhile, climate change is making water resources harder to protect than ever before.

 Almost half of Madagascans have no clean water, and around nine in ten still have nowhere decent to go to the toilet. Without water, it's difficult for people here to make hygiene a priority. Deadly diarrhoeal diseases are common, and almost half of children under five are stunted due to malnutrition.


12 million people don't have clean water. Almost half the population.

22.8 million don't have a decent toilet. Around 9 in 10 people.

More than 8,500 children under 5 dies a year from diarrhoea. Caused by dirty water and poor toilets.

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