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Wallpaper Children's room

Wallpaper Children's room

Grapefruit kids wallpaper All of our wallpapers are carefully designed for children... 

Balloon in the nursery

Balloon in the nursery

Balloon in the nursery A balloon on the wall creates a playful... 



Are you looking for a cool wall decoration for your children's room?... 


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Grapefruit kids

Home is our safe haven where we can be vulnerable, crazy, and cozy! Making a house where every family member feels at home is therefore a priority, especially the nursery. We think it is important that the bedroom inspires, sparks creativity and where the child feels safe. And so Pompelmoes Kids was born.

The Pompelmoes brand is just that, from the packaging to the fabric and colors. Organic, sustainable, unique designs and made with love.

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Sustainability and Responsibility

Our products are made of organic material and last a long time. Our choice for minimalism and our versatile design ensure that you can enjoy our products for years to come. Most of our products can be used in more than one function, which extends the lifespan, while our choice of materials ensures that our product ages better. In addition, most of our products are locally designed and produced.

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