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Are you looking for beautiful organic and sustainable decoration for the nursery? At VanBuikema we value beautiful, organic items for both your child and the nursery. This also extends to the baby room decoration. Because what is beautiful can be even more beautiful if it is made in a sustainable and organic way. Each item is handmade and selected with love. View our collections including beautiful baby and children's room decoration.

Create a warm, pleasant environment

Make life with children not only hectic, overwhelming, wonderful, tiring and at the same time indispensable just a little bit more fun with beautiful decoration in the nursery. This way you can enjoy that nice room full of love every day. And your child too.

We are happy to help you by providing you with the most beautiful sustainable products that are perfect in different types of baby and children's rooms. From lovely old pink and warm prints full of wild flowers to natural rusty orange, soft ocher yellow and camel. Whatever you are looking for in terms of colors for the decoration of the baby room, here you will find the must-haves you are looking for for that nice, warm nursery!

Beautifully durable

What can you expect from our products and webshop full of decoration for the nursery?

  • All products are consciously organic and sustainable;
  • From nursery decoration to baby equipment and wooden toys. Everything comes together in our webshop;
  • All products are handmade and 100% baby proof approved;
  • We personalize every order;
  • We sympathize with you as new parents ( to be ) and would like to stay informed.

By offering a wide range of decoration for the nursery, you as a parent can enjoy shopping for the nursery. The different product categories contain colors and prints that you see everywhere, so that you can decorate the nursery beautifully coordinated.

Our range of baby room decoration

Our range of children's decoration ranges from items for the nursery to clothing, maternity gifts, toys and care products. Below is a selection of the different types of products that you will find in our webshop:

The entire collection has been selected for its biological and sustainable character. And that is reflected in the materials, look and feel of the products and, of course, how long the products remain beautiful and will last for years. They are all products that, depending on their use, could be passed on to the next generation. Isn't that just a wonderful reason to opt for sustainability?

Coherence in the nursery

Would you like to create a nursery or new children's room in which the decoration is coherent? Then you're in the right place with us. For example, various beautiful linen mosquito nets from our range go well with various fabric flags and other decoration for the nursery. We understand that you like to make a stylish room for your child and that it doesn't have to be a colorful mess without cohesion.

With us you can go all out to choose your own style for the nursery or children's room. There are plenty of options. And would you like advice on matching baby room decoration? Feel free to ask us, we love helping you put together a picture of a children's room full of beautiful decoration!

Order children's room decoration

Have you already come across some beautiful baby or children's room decoration that makes your heart beat faster? You can order all our products (if in stock) directly in the webshop. Do you have a question or would you like advice for the cohesive design of your nursery? Then you can always contact us. Even if you have questions about giving a unique baby shower gift to new parents.