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Grapefruit kids wallpaper

All of our wallpapers are carefully designed for children of all ages, and most can even be placed in a living room or hallway. The design and good quality ensure that you can enjoy your beautiful wallpaper children's room for years to come.

Wallpaper children's room - and baby room

Making the baby's room inviting, cozy and safe is an important part of welcoming a baby home. A big part of what will affect the mood of the nursery is what you decide to hang on the wall. An easy way to make the nursery unique is to have a unique nursery wallpaper, whether you choose an accent wall or a statement piece. Here you will certainly find the right wallpaper to make the nursery the most beautiful room in the house.

How do you choose the right wallpaper children's room?

Choosing the right nursery wallpaper can be a bit overwhelming. So how do you make the right decision? Because as we all know, wallpaper is a tall order.
The best way to help you during the decision making process is to have a mood board or at least have a very good idea of ​​what will be included in the baby's room decor. Another decision to make ahead of time is deciding what kind of nursery you want. if you want to go for a minimalist interior, choose no more than 3 colors (including curtains, furniture, accessories and floors) and no bright colors, only neutral colors. Then you can choose something with patterns and drawings for the children's room wallpaper to keep the interior interesting. Other things about the furniture, what color are they? What about the curtains? Do they have a color or are they neutral? Or do they have a pattern.

Wallpaper for Boys - and Girls Room

Looking for the perfect wallpaper for your child's room? Whether you're looking for playful patterns or soothing colors, you'll find everything you need in our boy's and girl's bedroom guide. Discover the latest trends and styles to create a fun and inviting space for your little ones.

What is non-woven (non- woven wallpaper ) actually?

Like many things in our daily lives, our wallpaper has also been innovated. They no longer bubble up and do not form mold, they do not come loose in the corners and no longer tear in the seams, thanks to non-woven / non-woven wallpaper.

Paper wallpaper is still quite widespread, you can usually recognize them by the very low price. Non-woven is generally more expensive, but the quality is also considerably better.

Non-woven wallpaper is made from a mixture of synthetic and natural fibers, which are also used to make gauze, coffee filters and tea bags. The fibers are combined with binders, reinforced with acrylics and usually mixed with additional pigments to ensure coverage. It is breathable, tear-resistant and easy to apply and peel off, which is a big reason why it is our favorite wallpaper for the nursery.

Discover our bestselling nursery wallpaper such as our jungle safari wallpaper , our wild flower wallpaper and the animal wallpaper .

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