Collection: Maternity Gift Package

Choose the right maternity gift package

Choosing the right birth gift can sometimes be a little daunting due to the dilemma of choosing something nice, but also something useful. That's why we have this great option for one birth package devised, giving you the opportunity to give the perfect maternity gift package to the new parents. Specializing in nursery decoration and baby supplies, we offer a wide range of handmade products.

Birth gift for girls or boy

We made sure to create a maternity gift pack for girls, boys, as well as a few gender-neutral options. Make sure your gift matches the tastes of the parents.

Discover our beautiful range of maternity gift packages. Here you will certainly find one that fits your budget. Every child is unique and that is why Pompelmoes kids has come up with a number of different maternity gift packages. This way you will find a suitable package for every recipient and for every budget. All our maternity gift packages have been put together with care and love and are provided with quality products. At Pompelmoes kids we focus on products made from organic material and made sustainably. Handmade with love, your gift will be special and last longer.

Organic, sustainable and safe maternity gifts stands for sustainability, not only by limiting our surplus of material, but also by giving back, and we do this by supporting the wateraid charity. Our products are made from organic material and they are also tested according to EU regulations to ensure that our babies are safe. Here you can choose a maternity gift for a baby, a maternity gift for a girl or just keep it simple with a gender neutral maternity gift package.