Als ze eenmaal lopen…

Once they walk…

What happened in the past month? My, just not a baby anymore, has turned into a real toddler in no time. For some time now, Nore has been able to pull herself up on furniture and if she could hold onto something, she also played standing up. She raced through the living room with her shopping cart, but she still found standing and walking 'loose' very exciting and when this happened by accident, she was shocked and quickly let herself fall on her bottom . No problem of course, mom and dad are in no hurry and Nore decides when she is ready for something.

But then I saw her practicing secretly. Behind the couch, when we weren't looking, she took her first practice steps. Would she want to do it right right away? And then, a few days before Christmas, there she took her first real steps, as proud as a peacock she walked from dad to mom and we took turns giving a nice hug. The time has come, Nore is walking!

When we go for a walk, Nore just sits in her stroller for the most part. But oh how proud she is when she can walk a bit herself. Recently she walked to the playground herself, we crawled together on the swing, she was allowed on the seesaw and the slide was not skipped either. All this of course under our supervision, she is still too small to play in a playground herself.

As a mom, what "shocks" me the most is how fast time, or perhaps development, goes once walking is mastered. Nore is now a real girl, with a ponytail, a skirt and boots. She crawls on her stool herself and with her feet crossed she is doing puzzles at her table. She knows very well what she wants and with her little finger she knows how to make everything clear. She babbles a bit, whole stories, but the real words are still not forthcoming.

We have closed 2021 with great news. Nore will be a big sister next summer! A sister arrives. At 15 months Nore is still too young to realize this, but if I see how caring she is with her doll Rosa and the cuddly toys , then this should be all right with a small baby. She also adores her big furry brother Tyson, prefers to cuddle, pet and play with him all day long.

In the coming months I will enjoy a walking, playing and chatting Nore and of course the pregnancy. I am also looking forward to the expansion of our young family. Let the summer begin!

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Wat een mooie tekst, fijn om dit later allemaal nog eens terug te lezen en Nore te laten lezen. Geweldig idee dit.
Liefs Leny


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