De babyuitzet; mijn vijf favoriete producten.

The layette; my five favorite products.

As a 'mommy-to-be' you have a lot to deal with and all kinds of things have to be purchased for your child. There are dozens of baby release lists online and sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees. There is also so much (nice) for sale! In addition to furniture and a stroller, there are also all kinds of other things on such a list. Although I downloaded a number of layette lists, I mainly followed the advice of friends. What do you really need right now? What are you really using right now? Of course not everyone shares the same opinion and not everyone finds the same thing nice or useful, but below I will share my top five products that I am very happy with.

These are my favourites: 
layette baby products With a dot at number one,  the hydrophilic diapers either swaddles; tetracloths; hydrophilic cloths; muslin cloths or whatever you want to call them. You use these cloths (at least I do) for everything! I use it as an extra blanket over the changing mat, as a cloth for under her head in bed, as a swaddling cloth, as a wrapping cloth, as a burp cloth, as a mess cloth, I dry her with it after washing, you can't imagine how the hydrophilic diaper will come in handy. Even while pumping, there is a muslin diaper nearby. Besides the fact that they are very multifunctional, I also think they are so beautiful! You have them in different colors, sizes, with or without a print. Yes, this is one of my favorite products. I bought my first hydrophilic cloths from vanBuikema of their house brand Pompelmoes and I am so happy with it!

Besides the fact that many useful products have been put on the market, in my opinion there are also all kinds of stuff for sale that you don't necessarily need. This does not mean that I do not like them, but I believe that a lot is also commercial and it is mainly an (unnecessary) luxury. I also thought this  a nursing pillow . Nevertheless, I bought a nursing pillow, in the shape of a polar bear, from the Nanami brand. Now I have to say that I don't use this pillow much as a nursing pillow, but I am so happy with this purchase! During the last weeks of my pregnancy I used the pillow between my legs as support for my pelvis. When Nore was born I also used it as a nursing pillow, but now it mainly serves as a relaxation pillow and Nore can lie against it. And because I bought a pillow in the shape of a bear, she could also play with it later and it will serve more as a hug. I do like products that you can use for multiple purposes. If you have or want to buy a standard nursing pillow, there are also beautiful covers for sale, so that your nursing pillow can be transformed into a relaxing pillow for your child. Delicious right!

Another product that I initially did not want to purchase was the baby's nest . I didn't see the point of this either. But my friends managed to persuade me. I heard very positive experiences and after some research on the net I changed tack. Through Instagram I came across LufiBaby, a mother who makes baby nests herself and so I had a baby nest made for Nore, entirely to my taste. And yes! So you see, one learns by doing. I am also very happy with the convenience that a baby nest brings. You can easily take it with you everywhere and your baby can lie comfortably in it. I still use it daily!  

Be from the very first moment booklets hugely interesting. Nore received a black and white booklet from Milo as a baby shower gift. Newborn babies can already see the contrasts well and oh how she loved this! A few months later, in which Nore's eyesight has improved, the Miffy books are also a success. She likes to look at the different colors and shapes. She even enjoys watching the children's version of Les Fables de la Fontaine! Well, what if mom and dad are both teachers. We are both big supporters of educational toys.  
Finally can a baby gym or An baby mobile not missing from my list. A baby gym or mobile are also available in so many different shapes and sizes. Something for everyone! With or without music, pastel colors or bright colors, made of wood or plastic, and so on. I chose a calm mobile from the Little Dutch brand, made of wood with plush birds in calm colours. The mobile plays 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' a song I used to listen to as a baby. Norwegian loves it. Every time we turn on the mobile she starts laughing. Nore also received a baby gym from Little Dutch, which she enjoys a lot. She does her best to grab the pastel green critters and play with them. In addition to having fun, a baby gym is also good for motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Your child will get to know his / her own body in this way.

My list could have been longer, but I'll stick to a top five for today. Because I'm one of those mothers who does breastfeeding shopping (haha, oops). Well, that way you sometimes buy something you don't need, but on the other hand you also buy all kinds of stuff that is very nice! Who knows, I might write a blog about this one day.
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