Het nieuwe kamertje van Nore

Nore's new room

Do you know that? That you lie awake at night and your creative brain is busy thinking about beautiful interior ideas? I have moved many times and have therefore been able to redecorate everything a number of times. This is the best thing to do during a move and especially to see your ideas as a result gives a lot of satisfaction. Somehow the best ideas come at night (apparently this has something to do with the night hormone) and I therefore find the most beautiful gems online. Sites like vt-wonen or Fonq will often have received 'night orders' from me. When I have something in mind, I keep looking until I find what I want. Sometimes I have to order something from abroad or wait longer before I can start furnishing. Luckily I am very patient.

As well as I had conceived and executed the interior of our living room, it took that long with Nore's nursery . I was working on this during my pregnancy, but since Nore would sleep in our room in a co-sleeper for the first few months, there was no need to finish her room as beautifully as possible and on time. Of course I gained inspiration, spent hours on Pinterest and Instagram, I bought a nice bed and we made a dresser ourselves, but nevertheless I was not satisfied with the room. The room was too crowded, it was too white and it wasn't what I wanted to make of it.

Now that the summer holidays have started, Nore is already nine months old and I finally know what I want for her, we immediately started realizing her 'new' room. In the 'old' room there was a large, open, scaffolding wooden cupboard on top of the room. This cabinet had been left standing during the move and was of excellent quality. The cupboard remained, we bought white plastic bins to store the things in and all the stuffed animals fit nicely on top. However, the room is not that big, the cupboard was too big, too robust and because everything is visible in an open cupboard, it was too busy. Every time I came into the room, I was disturbed by that cupboard. The cupboard had to go, so we bought a matching cupboard for the bed. A high, closed, white cabinet from Petit Amelie. The bed was also bought here, so it matches well.

In my previous house I had a sloping roof on my bedroom. The well-known Malm chest of drawers from Ikea fitted perfectly here at the time. This white cabinet has been moved to our new home and I wanted to transform it into a chest of drawers. However, I had the lower model, which made it too low for a changing table. That's why I bought wooden legs, again matching the bed, and we made these, with the help of my father, under the Malm cupboard. Voilà, a budget-proof and beautiful chest of drawers was realized.

The furniture is white, the walls were white (with the exception of one wall, which is a light sand colour) and I had bought a white mosquito net (in hindsight I would have preferred it in a different colour, but well, this is a lesson for the next time). The room didn't feel warm and it was too bare. I decided to buy a carpet. A round, old-pink carpet by Tapis Petit. Yes, the room immediately looked better. But I was still not satisfied.

We have partly covered one of the walls with (surprisingly) a white wallpaper with a calm, pink floral print. Yet something was still missing from this wall. We painted the parts of the wall that were not wallpapered with an old pink paint and finished the strip of wallpaper with beautiful decorative frames that were also painted in the old pink color. The result is great and the room looks so much warmer now. It's a small adjustment that makes a world of difference. Since the white furniture all has small wooden details, such as the legs and the doorknobs, we also hung wood-colored wall storage. The room is finished! And how happy I am with the result. Hopefully Nore will like the room as much as I do.

Furniture: Petit Amelie + Ikea DIY
Klamboo: Jollein
Sleeves: Roisin + Label S
Cushions : Matuu (bought at vanBuikema)
Wallpaper: Lilipunso
Wall paint: Histor Old Pink S 2010 Y70R + Histor Soft Sand 08053
Wall sticker growth chart: Studio Circus

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