Hoe maak je een babykamer in de hoofdslaapkamer

How to make a baby room in the master bedroom

In general, every parent wants the best for their child. For many, preparing the nursery for the upcoming family member is an important part of this. That is often especially true for mothers as they go through the nesting process.

Unfortunately, some of us don't have a second bedroom to dedicate to the baby. I was in that situation four years ago. But because I'm a firm believer in "what you have, that's enough", I was determined to make something beautiful for my baby (not that I had any other choice). Creating a children's room in the master bedroom is basically the same as an open concept home, which is "zone creation."

Create different zones in your home

Since you're adding a nursery to your master bedroom, start by creating a clear separation of where your bed will be and where the cot will go. The easiest way to create zones is with the use of a rug. Choose a nice rug that isn't too busy so it doesn't take up too much visual space and place the crib on top. Have a wheeled cart next to the crib that will hold all the baby's essentials. The advantage of that is that you can drive it where you need it. For example, you can change your baby's diaper anywhere.

What really creates a nice, cozy and welcoming baby atmosphere is the creation of decor through the placement of accessories, such as books, stuffed animals and much more. If you're someone who likes to change up the decor of the room every now and then, a few hanging baskets or shelves make it easy to rearrange the accessories.

You can also hang decorative accessories on the wall - no drilling required, usually a few small nails and a hammer will work just fine (and cause minimal, if any, damage to the wall). You can find beautiful wall decoration here. Don't forget to buy a rainbow ; a beautiful cute nursery must-have.

The rug and decor pieces should make it clear that your baby lives there now, too, and I promise, it all looks super cute. For storing baby clothes, try a dresser if you have the space or a shallow bookshelf otherwise; hang a few curtain rods in the shelf for clothes hangers. Baby clothes are so small, almost everything works. If you really don't have enough space for another piece of furniture, tidy up your own closet and dedicate a few shelves to your baby.

The best tip I've heard is: don't buy too much at once; they grow fast anyway, really! Buy clothes as your baby grows and make sure you use every piece of clothing.

Here you have it, a beautiful nursery in the master bedroom! Keep it fun and remember, you already have almost everything you need. If you have any questions, don't hesitate. I would like to help you.

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