Kleine babykamer inrichten tips

Small baby room decorating tips

Small children's room decorating tips

Whether it's a new baby or an older child, decorating their bedroom is a very big challenge. It should keep them safe; it must be quiet enough to be able to sleep well and possibly breastfeed; it should invite them to play there and be practical enough to change diapers as well. If you have a small bedroom, that will also be a lot more difficult. Either way, I 'm here to help you !

What do we do with the walls?

You have two options here: go light or go dark! Light colors will reflect more light into the room, making the room appear larger. If you have moldings and wall coverings, try painting them one shade darker than the wall. Doing that makes the wall appear to be further back and gives an illusion of space.

The other option is to paint the wall dark. Choose one wall as an accent wall and paint it a dark color, for example navy, dark green, gray or even black. This trick visually pushes the wall further back and gives a sense of space. You can also add some mirrors to create more light.

It is also important not to decorate your wall too much. Try usingchildren's decor elements that have texture and colors as well as being small or medium in size, such as the rainbow or the tassel garland .

What about the furniture?

If your room is really small, often only the essential furniture will fit. no more. When choosing your furniture, make sure it is 'airy' furniture - furniture that you can 'see through', so to speak. This helps your eyes move around the room, which also gives a feeling of more space. Light-colored furniture also helps.

Go upstairs!

If you have a small space, you need to make sure you use every square inch... wise, right? Do you need extra storage space? Then choose wall racks with a basket or beautiful floating furniture. These tricks will help the eyes float upwards and not get stuck in one place. Your goal for a small space is to keep your eyes moving, because that visually creates space.

These few tricks are the main keys to dealing with a small nursery. Keep it fun and unleash your inner designer. Bye!

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