Nore haar eerste verjaardag

Nore's first birthday

Do you know that? Those jitters, nerves, healthy tension, an enthusiastic feeling when your birthday is coming up? Although I am already 30 years old, I have always enjoyed celebrating my birthday with the people I love. But now that I've become a mom, this birthday joy has moved to my daughter's birthday. I was looking forward to celebrating and organizing her first birthday. The preparations alone are a party in themselves. Picking out balloons, streamers and other decorations, finding the right recipe for a birthday cake and of course finding the perfect gift…

I've been working on this with great pleasure for weeks before the birthday. I'm a finicky when it comes to colors and everything has to match our interior, including the decoration. I scour the internet, visit the city, until I find what I'm looking for. This year I chose rose gold with green and white. Our interior has a natural look with lots of wood and greenery. Since Nore is a girl I chose the shade of pink and the color white was a nice addition. So perfect for me.

Nore loves to eat, maybe this is her favorite activity at the moment, besides reading books. So her birthday cake had to be great. We do our best to eat healthy and animal-friendly food and Nore also gets this in her upbringing. I baked her a carrot cake [1] , bright orange, not too sweet and delicious. And of course this also includes one candle. One birthday candle in honor of her first birthday.

And then it was the evening of October 27 and Nore was in bed. Dad and I were finally able to decorate and prepare the present, which was hidden in the attic. I made a garland from the balloons and also filled balloons with helium and tied them to her birthday present. And as if Nore also had the birthday jitters, she woke up very early on October 28, her birthday! Nore is a good sleeper and 6.30 am is early for her… After we had a bit of fun in Mum and Dad's big bed, we went downstairs with her. And even though she was only one year old, she was beaming at the decorations and her present. I'm sure she enjoyed this day, her day!
[1] Recipe by Rens Kroes.

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