Onze eerste zomervakantie samen

Our first summer vacation together

Meanwhile, the schools in the south have been open for a few weeks and the work rhythm is starting to get used to. My boyfriend and I both work in secondary education, which means that we always have a holiday at the same time. And how I enjoy that we can enjoy our family to the fullest these weeks. This was our first summer vacation with Nore. Normally we try to travel to the south of France every year (I am a French teacher and naturally Francophile). Unfortunately, because of Corona, we decided not to do that this year. That is why we spent our summer holidays in our own country. Moreover, the Netherlands is also beautiful!

Because of Corona, we have been deprived of activities such as baby gym, yoga, swimming, music on our lap, etc. Now that more could and should have been done again this summer, we have tried to make up for this time. We went swimming together for the very first time! Since we can better call this summer holiday an extra long autumn holiday, due to the temperatures, we went to a subtropical swimming paradise (inside and warm haha). What did Nore enjoy! She immediately liked it. The splashing, treading water and being able to propel oneself in the water was a success.

We also did a car scavenger hunt. As far as we are concerned, a must! This time the treasure hunt took place in Central Limburg, our own region. The treasure hunt shows you the most beautiful places in the area and by looking for the answers, getting out of the car, taking a walk or having a nice picnic along the way, it also gives you an active afternoon. Nore likes to sit in the car. She can see everything and doze off when she is tired.

We have also booked a night away in the beautiful city of Haarlem. We slept in a B&B with a bath. Because we don't have a bath at home and I thought it would be fun to take a bath with Nore, we booked a B&B with a bath. Nore also loved splashing in this water. Maybe it's time to buy a (foldable) bathtub for the shower! In Haarlem we took a city walk, enjoyed a delicious lunch and Nore was also allowed to order something from the menu for the first time. So funny! She was so proud to be able to eat with mom and dad. Since we were close to the beach, we took a walk to Bloemendaal beach on the second day. Another milestone, the first time at sea for Nore! Unfortunately, the weather was not warm enough to dive into the sea water for a while.

These simple activities, in our own country, were great fun! You don't have to go far to have a nice holiday. And all the time together, with our young family, I miss this already! Fortunately, the Autumn holidays will soon be around the corner hihi. In this holiday we celebrate Nore's first birthday. How we are going to celebrate this, you can read in my next blog!

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