Stickers are disposable, meaning they are not reusable. Do not move stickers from place to place during installation, as the adhesive may lose its properties.

Stickers are suitable for any type of surface that is smooth, eg wall, furniture, glass, floor. The surface must be dry and degreased. If you paint the walls in advance, wait about 14 days before applying the decals.

The stickers have the best adhesion on the walls painted with acrylic paint. Stickers cannot stick to latex paints because of their oily composition.

Removing stickers is easy. This should be done carefully and with a regular movement, stretching the film and peeling it off the surface.

unfold the sticker

clean the surface with a dry cloth

remove the sticker from the white paper

apply decal to the surface

use your hand or cloth to smooth out the decal

Apply all additional items