Sue's room

When we started decorating Nore's room, we decided to opt for a grow-through bed. So she could go ahead with this for a few years. This means that when we were expecting our second daughter, she got a completely new, own room, because there was no need to move a bed or other furniture. There where I chose light for Nore's room , white, pink and a subtle floral wallpaper. I chose warm tones in Suze's room, brown, pink, orange. I searched for furniture online and fell in love with Finori's oak colored children's room furniture with reed print. I also wanted a cot with a roof frame, so that we could create a cozy place to sleep for Suze. Just like with Nore's bed, we opted for a bed that lasts longer and can be converted into a cot. In this case a sofa bed.

The furniture had been chosen and now it was time for the finishing touches. I made an inspiration board and went shopping at PompelmoesKids, Roisin, BillyBob Kids and all kinds of other (online) stores. Little by little the room became more and more cozy and we were ready for the arrival of our little Suze.

In the PompelmoesKids webshop you will find incredibly beautiful products that give your room that little extra that you are looking for. Of course I can write more about Suze's room and the stuff, but I think you'll enjoy taking a look!
Do you have questions?! Then of course you can always ask.
Welcome to Suze's little room:


Tip: in addition to the beautiful children's room decoration, I am also a fan of the hydrophilic cloths !

Have fun shopping!


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