Klein, maar toch ook zo groot...

Small, yet so big...

Women who breastfeed longer probably know what I mean; being able to feed your child yourself is something magical, something beautiful of nature and something you value. It is an intimate moment with your son or daughter that no one else can give him or her. Nore is now 16 months and she is, maybe I should say was, still breastfed. Something that, because it went well, I wanted to keep up for 1.5 years. When I was pregnant with Nore I knew I wanted to try feeding myself. Whether it works, that is of course always the question. But it went well, very well, even so well that I was able to donate the overflowing supply of breast milk to another mother, who unfortunately did not produce enough milk herself. How long I wanted to feed, I saw that automatically, I never put pressure or a demand on myself. I have completely trusted my body. But the situation changed and I set myself the end date of 1.5 years. Not because I wanted to stop necessarily, but because I'm expecting our second daughter and I wanted to wean off Nore's nutrition before the baby girl arrives. Nore is now a big sister.

What this mom hadn't taken into account, something I secretly always kept in mind, is that Nore might also want to stop. And that moment arrived last month. She is done with mom's feed and doesn't need it anymore. Actually this is the perfect way to stop, I don't have to teach her anything, don't refuse anything, it all comes naturally and she decided this herself. But mentally mom wasn't quite ready for this yet. The little moment of us together has now ended and will never come back this way. My little girl is growing up and stubborn.

The human body, the female body, is so special. It adapts completely. I have had little trouble with the fact that the nutrition stopped from one day to the next. My body has adapted to the situation and is now preparing for the next situation. I know that feeding your child is not obvious to everyone and not everyone wants or can keep it up for months. I wrote a blog about this last year. Whether it will also work with our second daughter, as long as it works and whether I can also donate milk, I don't know. It doesn't matter, it comes as it comes. Also this time I will rely completely on my body.

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